Anya's Photo Album (Part II)

Weeks 1-3

Anya was born at 5.13am on Thursday 22nd of May 2008. She has been cute ever since.

Anya needs phototherapy. This is her fourth day.

Day six. Anya's last day before she starts wearing clothes.

Day seven. Anya's first clothes: a singlet borrowed from NICU. It's effectively a dress. She has been moved from the hot room to the "cold" room.

Eight days old. A smile and open eyes actually means that she is hungry, but we'll overlook this for the sake of cuteness.

Anya meets her grandfather.

Anya in her "elephant" outfit.

Day eleven. The world gets too much for her.

She's still in the incubator, but only for a few more minutes.

Anya's mum prepares her for moving to a cot.

All wrapped up ready for the cot, only the hat is missing.

Mum takes the chance to cuddle her while she isn't hooked up the the monitors.

Finally! Out of the incubator and into a cot.

Day 13, the first bath

Being dried off. The electrodes don't go back on.

The clothes going back on.

Still alert after the bath.

A big woolly hat and a big woolly jersey. This is Anya's last day in the cool room before moving down the hall.