Anya's Photo Album (Part III)

Weeks 4-8

Anya was born at 5.13am on Thursday 22nd of May 2008. When we last saw our heroine she had just left the cool room for a shared self-care room.

Anya with Dad, she is still small and angry.

Anya meets her Grandparents, Rod and Kay, for the first time. They're just back from the Balkans. She is 13 days old.

Baths are now a thrice-weekly occurrence, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. This is a Sunday bath.

Same bath, but there's something interesting off to the right.

Everything needs to be cleaned.

She likes the water...

...but she's not too sure about having her back cleaned.

Now she's clean, grandma gets a hug.

Anya and her cardigan. Made by her grandmother from wool dyed by her Aunt.

Action Anya!

Another day, another grandmother. (Day 24)

Before she can go home, she must be checked to see that she breathes easily while in a car seat.

A perfect score.

Wrapped up ready to go home.

After 28 days, Anya leaves NICU with her family.

Day 30, time for another grandmother.

After this we gave up on any piece of clothing that didn't have closed feet.

Vampire baby!

Angel baby.